New Year, New Music

Nightbloom has been enjoying family time over the holiday season and we all had a wonderful time full of rest and relaxation. Now that the holidays are over we are arranging new music for all to hear. Some are original and some songs you have already heard, but now you will hear the twist Nightbloom mixes with them. Being a full time musician can be stressful which makes life hard when you are trying to be creative, but Nightbloom has a goal and mission. This goal is repeated at every gig. The mission is to share music and express love for everyone who hears Nightbloom. We want to make you forget your worries and be reminded that we are super-human love beings who can achieve greatness if we put our minds and hearts to the task. We love you. We want you to know we think you are the best! Thank you for all of your love and support!!

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